Friday, June 17, 2011


Can you see the resemblence?
 Eli 6 months
 Skyler 8 months
 Skyler 8 monhts
 skyler 8 months
 Eli 7 months
 Eli 8 months
 They are truly BFF!

Silly faces!!!

Lately, we cant seem to get a good picture of Skyler. He make all these silly faces. He's trying to be a comedian like his father


Gulf Shores

Mark's boss let us stay at his beach condo down in Gulf Shores, AL....He's SUPER NICE!! Let me just say, we had an incredibly AwEsOmE time!

It was Heaven for Skyler, for a couple of reasons:
1. He traded Eli for Arianna...he's favorite person in the world!
2. He got to go swimming everyday we were there and with ARIANNA!
3. He played and swam in the ocean everyday all day long and with ARIANNA!
4. He spent day and night for 5 days with his most favorite favorite person....ARIANNA!
5. He had a car trip total time of 16 hours with ARIANNA!

Poor Ari. She was soooo sssiiiccckkk of him. lol We love her to death. She's a good sport. We owe her millions for making our little Skyler have the best trip of his life! Thanks ARIANNA!

 Even though, Ari was annoyed out of her mind because of Skyler, she still loved spending time on the beach

 My hansome husband
 me looking for bugs..ocean bugs...just making sure there arent
 Skyler really loving it!

 Ari, talking to her mom
 Skyler spent every waking and sleeping moment with Ari.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Beautiful name, Aurora

This is a Picture of the 3 Aurora's in my life....3 incredible women!

My mother Aurora

My Grandmother Aurora
My great Grandmother, Aurora

I Love that name and I feel so blessed to be related to these 3 great women

Citizen of the United States of America

I am now officially a US Citizen!

(before the ceremony)

during the ceremony

I had to nurse in the court room!

Mark had to babysitt

I did it!

Funny Pictures

Skyler in time-out

me in 2nd a whole head smaller than everone

me in 5th grade...still a whole head shorter than everyone...

my dad in my sisters graduation...

oh boy! lol

Eli tired of jumping

Skyler excited for scream 4...jk

Marks eyes about to pop out
Skyler and Paige really did not want to take turns so they decided to squeeze their little bodies into this one seated car....funny